Subjective work that I can enjoy Ichacha Lover time of the sister for all AV fan Miho Nanasawa and two people! “I have no parents today ... ///” my parents went out and I just got a phone call saying, “I want you to come to play”! The girl who is the first girl in the school to be born for the first time! Luxurious 7 corner recordings of 8 shots from morning to night starting with the first H to graduate from a nursery rhyme! It is completely subjective and I love her. Unlimited love love all over the house all day long!

全AVファンの妹分・七沢みあと二人っきりのイチャイチャ恋人タイムが楽しめる主観作品!「今日うちの親いないんだ…///」両親が出かけて一人のみあから「遊びにきて欲しい」と電話がきた!学園でいちばんの美少女が生まれて初めての彼女! 童貞を卒業する初Hではじまる朝から晩まで8発射の豪華7コーナー収録!完全主観で大好きな彼女を独り占め!一日じゅうおうちでラブラブヤリ放題!